AVATAR at Torque conference

Monday August 22, 2016 19:47

It is our pleasure to announce there will be a separate AVATAR session during the Torque conference at the TUM, Campus Garching, Germany, Oct. 5-7, 2016. The AVATAR session will take place on Friday 7th of October.

Details of the complete Torque program can be found here


Latest results from the EU project AVATAR: Aerodynamic modelling of 10 MW wind turbines 

Authors: J.G. Schepers, O. Ceyhan and K. Boorsma (ECN), A. Gonzalez, X. Munduate, O. Pires (CENER), N. Sorensen (DTU), C. Ferreira (TU Delft), G. Sieros (CRES), J. Madsen (LM Wind Power), S. Voutsinas (NTUA), T. Lutz (University of Stuttgart), G. Barakos and S. Colonia (University of Glasgow), H. Heisselmann (ForWind), F. Meng (Fraunhofer IWES), A. Croce (PoliMi)

CFD code comparison for 2D airfoil flows 

Authors: N. Sørensen (DTU), B. Méndez, A. Muñoz (CENER), G. Sieros (NTUA), E. Jost, T. Lutz (University of Stuttgart), G. Papadakis, S. Voutsinas (NTUA), G. Barakos, S. Colonia (University of Glasgow), D. Baldacchino,  C. Baptista, C. Ferreira (TU Delft)

Experimental benchmark and code validation for airfoils equipped with passive vortex generators 

Authors: D. Baldacchino (TU Delft), M. Manolesos (NTUA), C. Ferreira (TU Delft), A. Gonzalez, M. Aparicio (CENER), T. Chaviaropoulos, K. Diakakis (NTUA), L. Florentie (TU Delft), N.R. Garcia (DTU), G. Papadakis (NTUA), N. Sørensen (DTU), N. Timmer (TU Delft), N. Troldborg (DTU), S. Voutsinas (NTUA), A. van Zuijlen (TU Delft)

Results of the AVATAR project for the validation of 2D aerodynamic models with experimental data of the DU95W180 airfoil with unsteady flap

Authors: C. Fereira et al 

Computing the flow past Vortex Generators: Comparison  between RANS Simulations and Experiments

Authors: M. Manolesos (NTUA), N.N. Sørensen (DTU), N. Troldborg (DTU), L. Florentie (TUDelft), G. Papadakis (NTUA) and S. Voutsinas (NTUA)


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