ForWind wind tunnel measurements at controlled turbulence

Monday May 4, 2015 10:00

In the past weeks, Forwind carried out measurements on an DU00-W-212  airfoil in their wind tunnel at controlled turbulent conditions.

Most of the planned measurements could be completed within a three week tunnel slot. The laminar measurements of the polars and pressure distributions have been measured for a Reynolds number of about 500,000 for 71 AoAs between -35° and 35°. The turbulent measurements have also been carried out for the case of natural transition for the same angle range. The entire set of measurement consisted of four different turbulent conditions generated with an active grid (open, static grid; sinusoidal movement, two intermittent motion patterns) for periods  from  30s up to 180s for each AoA. Prior to the turbulent measurements with tripping tape, a hardware failure occurred affecting the motion controllers of the active grid by which these measurements were limited to the case of a static grid (i.e. open active grid without movement).

Altogether we are happy that most of the measurements are carried out successfully!