WP2: Advanced Aerodynamic Modeling

WP2  focusses on the development of advanced aerodynamic tools which are capable of predicting the aerodynamic performance of very large (D ~ 200 meter) blades. More specifially the task will assess and include Reynolds (~10 million) and Mach number effects  (Mach ~0.2-0.4) which occur at high tip speeds (~100-105 m/s) and at large slender blades with thick (>35%) airfoils. The effects of inflow turbulence and complex inflow cases (e.g. half wake, yaw, shear) and thermally stratification on the aerodynamics of large rotors is considered too, both on section as well rotor level.

The model improvements are based on a code to code comparison and on a comparison with wind tunnel data  as well as  full scale data, i.e. the DANAERO measuremens. WP2 uses both the AVATAR and INNWIND.EU reference rotors as validation platforms.

The work is divided in the following tasks:
• 2.1 3D Rotor aerodynamics
• 2.2 2D Airfoils
• 2.3 Wind tunnel measurements
• 2.4 Inflow turbulence
• 2.5 Prediction of complex inflow cases
• 2.6 Prediction of rotors in thermally stratified flow

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