Experimental data

The list of foreseen experiments consists of:
• Pressurized DNW HDG wind tunnel
 Airfoil measurements at Reynolds numbers up to 15 Million and low Mach number (< 0.2)
• LM: Wind tunnel airfoil measurements at dynamic conditions 
• Forwind: Wind tunnel airfoil measurements at specified turbulence inflow
• DTU : Danaero: Aerodynamic field experiments  on a 2.3 MW turbine and supporting 2D wind tunnel measurements
• TUDelft: 2D (possibly rotating) wind tunnel experiments on airfoils with vortex generators 
• NTUA: Wind tunnel experiments on airfoils with/without vortex generators

Note that further experiments may be added (in-kind) at a later stage.

The provision of experimental data is closely linked to similar activities going on in the subgroup aerodynamics of EERA which clearly stated that the time is ripe for a new joint field aerodynamic measurement program on a scale which is at large as possible (at least 5MW scale, increasing to 10MW+ in the near future). The subgroup aerodynamics also stated that the data of this experiment should be made publicly available to the entire European research society. Thereto an extensive set of aerodynamic data should be collected on a large scale state-of the art turbine using the most advanced measurement techniques. A more detailed definition of the experiment will be carried out in AVATAR and forms part of the above mentioned guidelines on the required aerodynamic actions needed to make 20 MW turbines possible.