WP3: Models for Flow Devices and Flow Control

WP3 focusses on the aerodynamics of flow devices. Emphasis will be put on vortex generators and active trailing and leading edge flaps but the application of other devices (e.g. root spoilers) is not excluded. Thereto low/intermediate models are developed and validated for large blades with flow devices. Models are applied on sectional as well as 3D level. The validation and development of such models is based on a code to code comparison with CFD results but also with experiments. In particular TUDelft LST and OJF experiments and NTUA 2D experiments will be used  but other experiments may be added at a later stage.

The main validation platform will be the AVATAR reference rotor.

WP3 is divided in the following tasks:
• 3.1 Creation of a CFD and experimental database of flow devices on 2D aerofoils and rotors
• 3.2 Development of aerodynamic codes for modeling of flow devices on aerofoils and rotors
• 3.3 Parametric study of the impact of flow devices on the performance of aerofoils and blades
• 3.4 Study of control strategies using flow control devices

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