WP4: Aeroelastic Analysis of Large and Flexible Blades

The main aim of WP4 is to assess the aeroelastic response of very large blades.

Thereto the effects of improved aerodynamic modeling from WP’s 2 and 3 on the aero-elastic behavior of large turbines is assessed with and without flow devices. Model improvements are assessed through a code to code comparison as well as through a comparison with Danaro data. In the assessments items like  aeroelastic stability and fatigue are considered for standstill, Extreme Load Case in Yaw, Extreme Load Case in Shear and half-wake, including turbulence intermittency. Moreover the effects of  solidity, blade thickness, rotational speed and structural tailoring are analysed from which aero-elastic guidelines for further  upscaling to 20 MW turbines are derived.

The work is divided in the following activities:
• 4.1 Validation of aeroelastic tools in comparison to available measured data
• 4.2 Aeroelastic analysis of the reference wind turbines
• 4.3 Parametric study on the effect of critical parameters
• 4.4 Effects of flow devices

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